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New Lands, New Territories

This is a nomadic art. At any moment we need to be able to pack up and go. Different platforms, storage options. You Tube Red has some seeing red. We have a plan and we invite you to journey with us. It's historical, cultural and archival. We can't do it alone. The opportunity is to build on the momentum that has already started. A new future awaits. Even though it may not seem like I'm saying much you know exactly what I'm saying. Is there a place where we can plant the seeds of our hopes so they can grow into something self-sustaining and long lasting? Click here for more info

Our Unique and Wonderful Fandom Guide - Update Coming Soon! Fandom Guide

Even better than a TV Guide our fandom guide helps you find what you (as U2 has long lamented) find what you are looking for.

  • It has multilevel search! - Once you go into your category folder you can use the search bar below to "search as you type" to find exactly what you are looking for without scrolling.
  • Easy Navigation - Even if you think you are getting lost you can simply click the Home button on the Uppper right hand corner to find your way home or the arrow button to the left to go back one level. Please take note of this because they are very faint and you might see them at first
  • Categories - If you go into a category like ships please note that you can find your ships by typing the name of your fandom. You won't find mulder-scully by typing "mulder" but rather by typing its fandom. Also remember that "The X Files" starts with "The" and not with "X" as do some other of your favorite fandoms
  • Caveat - You may experience some dead links but we are working on updating the guide ongoingly. So you can find what you want you want to see.


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Vidders is a private social network for vidders/viewers to share & watch vids as a community. We're social, creative, & organized.

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