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We are an international mostly female community of over 15,000 celebrating the art known as vidding. We discuss the various aspects of vidding as well as foster an educational environment for all our members.We have a huge archive of content ranging in the thousands related to vidding.

Instant Fandom Search allows you to search for your fandoms quickly and easily and find them no matter how obscure. The makes it easy for you to find content related to your fandom among our massive catalog of content which literally numbers in the thousands.

The subscriptions options we offer are many and tailored to your needs. You can subscribe to content by fandom, vidder, character, ship, and even musical artist. Subscriptions notify you of the content you are interested in without ever having to visit the site.

We have mini fandom communities where members can have discussions about their favorite fandoms and get newsletter type updates when there is news related to their fandom. Each group is to be run by someone who would like to represent the fandom they are naturally interested in.

The emergence of the mobile device only makes it natural that vidding find its place there. Our site is already iPhone and Android compatible you can message your friends and check the latest forum discussions from these phones. Also there are more mobile projects on the way

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